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About Us


Dressen Designs is a fully open-ended custom cabinet shop.  The customer can specify any wood type, paint color, dimensions, style, or amenities.  


Rob Dressen has owned and operated Dressen Designs in Oregon for more than 25 years. Dressen Designs is located in the town of Hubbard which is about 25 miles south of Portland.

Master craftsman Rob Dressen's eye for precision was ingrained early in his life by his parents, who were both very good with their hands and taught him the value of doing things right and the personal satisfaction that you get by never compromising on quality. I think my parents must have been right, because after all the years of building cabinets and furniture, I still get the same satisfaction taking a pile of wood and turning it into something beautiful and functional as I did with the first thing I ever built. My goal has always been to give the customer the highest quality at the greatest value and I know Dressen Designs does that, by never cutting corners and by using construction methods that ensure that the cabinet not only looks great but functions properly and with proper care will endure years and years of use.

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